Online Training & Tailored Workshops

Lorraine Poulos Home Care Services Online Training And Tailored Workshops

LPA has an excellent reputation for providing training that produces results.

We have been educating the Aged Care sector for over 15 years to ensure they are skilled in their roles and confident with stakeholders while remaining within their scope of practice.

Our experienced clinicians know how to ‘demystify’ concepts and empower all workforce members to be confident in their roles.

At LPA, we can tailor training specific to your organisational and staffing needs. These can be delivered in half or full day formats either in person or online. Workshops are delivered by the subject matter expert and facilitate an interactive learning environment, conducive to meeting your learning requirements.

The LPA Difference

Whether it’s a public event or tailored on-site session, at LPA we stand by our value of not only providing comprehensive training, but one that is accompanied by tools and resources that give you practical applications to take back to implement in your role, with teams and wider organisation.

“LPA training equips providers with an essential toolkit of skills and knowledge needed to provide compassionate support to our older population. Our workshops go beyond theory, emphasising practical application by providing tangible outcomes, comprehensive resources, and a robust toolkit- we empower providers to make a meaningful difference.”

David Fleming Senior Consultant LPA

In Person Training

On-site training is tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges of clients in the aged care sector. These on-site training programs provide a unique advantage by fostering team unity, encouraging hands-on learning, all the while ensuring immediate application of acquired knowledge.

Online Training

It can sometimes be hard to feel engaged when it comes to online training.

With LPA training, our consultants ensure that each session is dynamic and includes practical resources and tools. It is important to us, that these sessions incorporate tangible outcomes that you can apply to your role from when you “log off”.

Online training enables customised sessions to be delivered to the needs of the organisation, or alternatively enable a prior topic that we have covered to be delivered in a smaller group.

Examples of Training Available

  • LPA01-Care Management Skills
  • LPA02-Home Care Manager Team Leader Skills
  • LPA03- Clinical Care Provision in Home Services
  • LPA04-Quality Auditing Skills in Home Services
  • LPA05-Medication Management in Home Services
  • LPA06-Risk Management in Home Services
  • LPA07- Sustainable Financial Management in Home Services
  • LPA08- New to Home Services
  • LPA09- Clinical Governance for Boards and Management in Home Services
  • LPA10- Management of Subcontractors in Home Services
  • LPA11- Short-term Care, Wellness, Reablement
  • LPA12- NDIS Your Next Growth and Sustainability Strategy
  • LPA13- Assessment and Care Planning
  • LPA14- Dignity of Risk and Duty of Care
  • LPA15- Restrictive Practices
  • LPA16- Effective Clinical Assessment
  • LPA17- SIRS Incident Management
  • LPA18-Managing Consumer Spending Expectations
  • LPA19-Supporting Consumers with Complex Care Needs
  • LPA20-Staff Performance Made Easy
  • LPA21- Managing Consumer Risk & Vulnerability
  • LPA22– Implementing your QCAB
  • LPA23- Monitoring, Reviewing, Health Check-ins for Home Services
  • LPA24- Advancing Clinical Care and Care Management in the Home
  • LPA25- Quality Review Ready
    and more!

Discover how LPA can support your organisation.