Lorraine Poulos LPA Advantage Home Care Training

An LPA Advantage Packages is a premium service, designed in partnership with providers to develop and implement a plan of action to support organisations.

This package provides businesses with the know-how to navigate the changing aged care environment and legislative requirements confidently. Each LPA Advantage Package addresses agreed-upon priority areas, ensuring resources are targeted to meet each organisation’s needs. 

Why Choose An LPA Advantage Package?

Many organisations only utilise consultancy services for short-term, emergency fixes. While this is an expedient way to achieve a detailed and professional response, there are more suitable approaches in a fast-changing environment where regulatory requirements shift in successive bursts. An LPA Advantage Package utilises skills and knowledge from a Consultancy Network over a sustained period. This ensures business decisions are considered in real time with up-to-date requirements.

With systemic changes, newer information can readily be incorporated by the organisation without having to complete existing tasks. LPA Advantage Package holders will be provided with continual updates over the period of aged care reform, ensuring they readily meet regulatory requirements over a long-planned project timeframe. It effectively allows access to a Project Guide to support the whole organisation through the reforms.

LPA will ensure all reform requirements are advisedly introduced into the business processes during the Advantage Package tenure, ensuring every vital reform initiative is included in ongoing business practices.

Strategic Planning Services Include

Customised, practical business solutions and resources to fit your requirements

Easy to understand guidance for Board and Leadership Team

Predictable expenses – planned activities to best suit your needs

Peace of mind provided by preferential access to your LPA Consultant

Current Industry expertise and knowledge available to inform key decisions

Professional development and capacity building within your Organisation

A comprehensive review identifies key areas for prioritised focus, if not already known

Scheduled sessions enable a planned approach to Quality Improvements

Ongoing support to embed business decisions and sustainable change

Access to substantial discounts for additional LPA training activities

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