At Lorraine Poulos and Associates (LPA), we are more than just a training and consultancy firm; we are your dedicated partners in achieving excellence in the care sector.

With a legacy of over four decades of experience, our team of seasoned consultants brings a wealth of knowledge and practical insights.

We accomplish this by:

Providing Expertise: The LPA team delivers refined insights and specialised knowledge that empower our clients to make informed decisions, overcome challenges and prepare for the future effectively.

Fostering Growth: We work closely with our clients to identify areas for growth and development, crafting customised plans that lead to tangible results.

Nurturing Success: We are committed to walking alongside our clients as they achieve their goals, offering support, guidance, and expertise at every step.

With a focus on excellence, a deep understanding of the industry, and a passion for empowering organisations to thrive, LPA is your trusted partner for success in the care sector.

Together, we can achieve excellence in care and make a meaningful impact on people’s lives.

The LPA Team

Steve Neal Portrait

Steve Neal
Head of Clinical Services
and Leadership Programs

Former Director of Operational Excellence at Uniting
Agewell Ltd., Steve brings extensive experience in
health and aged care as a Registered Nurse offering
vital clinical guidance to home care providers. In addition, he holds qualifications as an executive coach and is a
member of the International Coaching Federation in which he is responsible for the development and delivery of LPA Leadership Programs.

Marisa Galiazzo
Senior Consultant

Marisa holds over 25 years of leadership in government and non-profit sectors, possessing strong connections in home care, disability, and health care. Her expertise in business process improvement, strategic planning, and organisational design reflects her genuine passion for aged care. Marisa is dedicated to empowering providers for quality care amid ongoing sector reforms.

David Fleming Portrait

David Fleming
Senior Consultant

David brings extensive experience in both Government and Non-Government sectors, focusing his expertise on aged care. He has worked at all levels, dedicating himself to the well-being of the elderly. Proficient in training and development, David boasts a strong track record in shaping public policy, ensuring quality compliance, and strategic planning, particularly within aged care.

Chris Giles Portrait

Chris Giles
Senior Consultant

With over 23 years in executive leadership across local, regional, and national levels in aged care, Chris excels in health and not-for-profit sectors. Experienced in leading diverse teams, Chris passionately advocates for the rights of older individuals, ensuring person-centered and safe clinical excellence.

James Lim Portrait

James Lim
Senior Consultant

James holds a rich background in public and private community service, excels in change management, service integration, governance, and risk management. His leadership in senior roles spans aged care, disabilities, community mental health, housing, and multidisciplinary teams. James has guided teams to achieve quality outcomes and awards, navigating reforms, ensuring sustainable growth, and innovating in care experiences.

Jeremy Portrait

Jeremy McAuliffe
Senior Consultant

Jeremy has extensive experience in executive management roles within the Victorian aged care sector. He has contributed to various advisory groups including the National Aged Care Alliance Gateway Advisory Group, Leading Aged Services Australia National Home Care Advisory Group, Australian Aged Care Quality Agency Standards Guidance Reference Group, and the Aged Care Industry IT Council Home Care Working Group.

Lorraine Poulos Portrait

Lorraine Poulos
Managing Director

Lorraine is a seasoned Registered Nurse and healthcare executive with over 35 years of experience in health and aged care. Lorraine shares her expertise on aging and health via publications and as a guest speaker at sector events, aiming to equip practitioners and providers with practical guidance and support. Passionate about enhancing care practices, Lorraine remains dedicated to offering valuable advice to the caregiving community.

Sarah Cheney

Sarah Cheney
Chief Operating Officer

Sarah has over 10 years’ experience working in the healthcare sector, with extensive NDIS industry knowledge. She holds an Executive MBA and hands on experience working as a community-based allied health clinician, supporting participants with neurological conditions. Sarah holds a comprehensive understanding of the importance and challenges of home care services.

Jacqueline Culver

Jacqueline Culver
Nurse Practitioner

Jacqui has been working in the aged care sector for over 30 years and is a well-known speaker at state and national conferences. She has worked as a Nurse Practitioner specialising in palliative-aged care, gerontology and dementia, and her experience and practice spans acute residential and community aged care.

Angela Ryan

Angela Ryan
Clinical Nurse Specialist

Lorraine Poulos Logo

Agrial Leung
Registered Nurse and Clinical Nurse Consultant

Lorraine Poulos Logo

Karen Martin
Registered Nurse

Anna Eastoe

Anna Eastoe
Head of Marketing

Anna holds an Executive MBA and over 15 years of Marketing/ Communications experience having held executive roles across diverse sectors. She is renowned for her strategic acumen and dedication to fostering innovation in Marketing and Communications on a global scale.

Brooke Norrie

Brooke Norrie National Business Development Manager

Brooke holds over 15 years of experience in home care, spanning private and not-for-profit sectors. She aids individuals with disabilities and brain injuries, excelling in Aged Care. Proficient in team leadership, change management, and strategic planning, she ensures excellence in governance and operations.

Elizabeth Pringle Portrait

Elizabeth Pringle
LPA Advisor

With a background in learning and development management, Elizabeth specialises in equipping individuals with essential skills. Formerly a General Manager Operations for Aged Care Accreditation, quality, assessment and standards development she emphasises quality of life and spiritual care.

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